Donations to Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Hospital

Donations to Shanthi Bhavan Palliative Hospital

Shanthibhavan Palliative Hospital is the first hospital in India for the palliative bedridden patients without bills and cash counters. Everything is free for the palliative patients including palliative care, all kinds of mental and medical support and food. The Hospital runs on the motto, ‘by the people, for the people’. The hospital extends its support to many homes where bedridden patients need care and love. This is a unique hospital in India in its nature and by its service, like high-end palliative care and mental support. And in reality, the palliative patients, who avail care, feel that Shanthibhavan is not only a Palliative hospital but also an abode where they get the warmth of their home.

Santhibhavan Palliative Hospital is dedicated to improve quality of life of palliative bedridden patients and gives relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. The Hospital also supports life and keeping people as healthy as possible, regarding dying as a normal process. The Hospital combines psychological and spiritual aspects of care and offer a support system to help people live as actively as possible until death & assure the support system for helping the family to cope up with during a person’s treatment and in bereavement. The Hospital has a strong team to fulfil the needs of the person who is bedridden which will be a great blessing to their families. The income is only from the donation, not from the services rendered. The Hospital is looking for the public support to fulfil the dream to become a general hospital, so that services like emergency care, casualty etc to all people nearby can be provided.  The hospital has opened the doors to the public, everybody can come and support the new projects. There are no barriers of caste, creed and nothing like that.

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