Akshaya Gold Credit Line

Akshaya Gold Credit Line

Akshaya Gold Credit Line

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Akshaya Gold Credit Line is a unique, digitally enabled and customer centric product which ensures that any customer who needs funds –either in an emergency or for just running their business, has access to a pre-approved credit line against gold ornaments .

In the current state of affairs affected by the pandemic , Akshaya Gold Credit Line which is based on the principle of ‘not letting customers account turn empty’, is an ideal product. The product will take care of immediate liquidity and cash flow requirements of customers, including businessmen, small traders and salaried persons. It will provide monetary aid for all business and personal financial needs.

Making it even more ideal, CSB Bank has linked overdraft to Savings Bank (SB) account with sweep/automatically repays credit functions, which means any amount put into SB account will automatically reduce overdraft limit, thus bringing down interest burden on the borrowers. The amount withdrawn can be utilized on demand like an overdraft through debit card or digital banking facilities offered by the linked SB account whenever there is an emergency.Key features of Akshaya Gold Credit Line:

  • Get a credit limit against Gold ornaments and use for any legitimate purpose almost like a credit card – digitally.
  • You can fix the credit limit once based on the value of the gold.
  • Withdraw your money anytime, anywhere using any bank’s ATM.
  • You can also do E-commerce transactions and fund transfers – digitally.
  • Your Gold is secure with the bank and fully covered with FREE insurance.
  • Interest payment is only on the amount and for the days used – you save money .
  • Hassle free repayment - pay online or directly.
  • Flexible redemption options. Partial release of ornaments allowed.
  • Personalized service on request.

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