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Inward Remittances - Remittance to India

Living abroad, away from your homeland can be challenging. But sending money home to your loved ones need not be. CSB offers several modes of money transfers for our NRI customers, from anywhere in the world to India. Some of the avenues are highlighted as below:




CSB offers SWIFT services - the fastest and most secured mode of exchanging financial messages between Banks and Institutions.


Exchange Housing

Correspondent Banks

The correspondent banking arrangements of CSB with International banks across the world facilitate dealing in major currencies. 


Exchange House Arrangements

Exchange Houses

CSB's exchange house arrangements offers one of the fastest means of money transfer for NRI customers in GCC region.


Foreign Currency Cheques

Foreign Currency Cheques /DDs

Deposit your personal cheques drawn on a bank abroad at your CSB branch to get the amount credited to your account.


Money Transfer Service

Money Transfer Service

Receiving personal inward remittances in India from abroad is made easy with CSB's money transfer partner services.