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SWIFT Wire Transfers

SWIFT is one of the fastest and most secured mode of transmission of financial messages between Banks and Institutions. CSB has arrangements with over 11 major banks across the globe to receive SWIFT messages, which ensures safe and secure remittance to your CSB account from any place of your choice.


1. Faster and Hassle free Fund Transfer

The money transferred through SWIFT wire transfer mode is expected to be credited to the beneficiary account within 48 hours. All you need is to send a wire instruction from your local bank overseas to the beneficiary sitting in India.

2. Safe and Secure

Fund transfers are made through safe and secure channels.

3. Most Popular Mode of Transfer

Widely accepted banking system worldwide among banks and financial institutions

4. Convenient channel for opening FCNR Deposits

This is the most convenient channel for opening FCNR Deposits.

5. Competitive Exchange Rates

We facilitate International fund transfers at competitive exchange rates.

  • The remitter may approach his/her banker and submit the 'International Money Transfer Application' for making a remittance from a foreign country to India.
  • In the International Money Transfer Application', the remitter should provide the following details:
    • Correspondent Bank - Name, SWIFT Code, CSB’s Nostro Account No. for the respective currency
    • Beneficiary Name & Address, CSB A/c Number & Branch
    • Routing Number, if applicable
    • CSB's SWIFT Code - CSYBIN55
    • Purpose of remittance

From the time you place the funds transfer request with your local bank, it takes 24-48 banking hours for the funds to reach our account held with our correspondent bank. The Wire transfer will be processed and the money will be transferred to your beneficiary account in 2 hours’ time, provided you furnish the required documents to your Branch.

To make remittances to India from any part of the world, instruct your bank abroad in the following format:

PLEASE REMIT:__________ ( Currency & Amount ) TO:__________ (Please quote the appropriate Correspondent bank name and swift code from above list, depending on the currency of remittance) FOR CREDIT OF: CSB BANK LTD,INTERNATIONAL BANKING DIVISION,MARKET ROAD,ERNAKULAM,INDIA A/C NO. __________ (Please quote our A/C number from above list ) , SWIFT : CSYB IN 55 , FOR FURTHER CREDIT TO : _______________ (Ultimate beneficiary Name &Address ) ACCOUNT NUMBER :___________ (Please quote ultimate beneficiary’s account number) WITH CSB BANK LTD __________ (Branch where account is maintained ), QUOTING: __________ ( Please quote instructions to beneficiary / remittance information/Purpose /FCNR etc. )

Swift Field Swift Field Particulars Details to be furnished
56 A Intermediary Institution Swift Code : SCBLUS33 (Standard Chartered Bank) Routing No : 026002561
57 A Account with Institution Swift Code : CSYBIN55 (CSB Bank Ltd.) A/C No : 358 202 174 4001
59 Beneficiary Customer A/c Beneficiary A/c No. with CSB: ……………………….. Beneficiary Name and Address: ………………………………….. CSB Branch: …………………………….
70 Remittance Information Please provide the Purpose of remittance / Disposal Instructions here.
  • Purpose of remittance (Family Maintenance, Salary etc.)
  • Disposal instructions – Mention ‘FCNR’ if you wish to retain the funds in foreign currency
71 Correspondent Bank Charges OUR

CSB has correspondent banking arrangements (Nostro Accounts) with 11 reputed International banks across the world to deal in 9 major global currencies. We would undertake transactions in other currencies also under a multi-currency conversion mechanism.

Click here for the List of Correspondent Banks.

  • Please ensure that Beneficiary details such as Name, Bank Account Number, Email ID, Address/ Contact number and Purpose of Remittance is mentioned in the wire transfer message sent by your local bank for smooth and timely processing of the transaction.
  • Kindly mention Charges as "OUR" in the wire transfer message.
  • CSB's SWIFT Code - CSYBIN55
    Please note that there is no separate SWIFT code for our individual branches. The above mentioned CSB SWIFT code can be used for remitting funds to any of our branches in India.
  • For timely credits to your beneficiary account you must provide the purpose of remittance.
  • While remitting funds for FCNR deposit, please mention ‘FCNR’ in Field 70 of SWIFT message, to avoid the funds getting converted to INR.
  • The Card Rate prevailing on the date of credit to customer account would be the applicable exchange rate.
  • Your local bank, its Correspondent Bank and other Banks in the payment chain, if any, may levy charges for the wire transfer.
  • The Remittances through these Nostro accounts will be subject to applicable rules and regulations of countries involved as well as policy of respective banks from time to time.