Doorstep Banking Services

Doorstep Banking Services

Doorstep banking services help in better cash management by reducing idle cash balances, enabling timely deposit of collections and helps in reducing risks.

CSB Doorstep Banking services offer the following:

  1. Pick up of cash, cheques and other instruments
  2. Delivery of cash, against cheques received at the counter or requests received through other secure convenient channels

This service is available to both individual as well as Corporate/Institutional clients within the business hours of the bank.

CSB currently offers the Beat model for cash pick up as well as delivery, where the service provider shall visit the customer on daily basis or on a frequency requested by the customer. (Cheque pick up /delivery will be presently a complimentary service to those customers who have availed Cash pick up /delivery services).

The customers account will be credited/debited on the same day of pickup or delivery and daily reports can be made available.

Limits for Collection/delivery of cash

For Corporate/Institutional clients

  1. Pick up of cash - Maximum Limit Rs. 1.00 crore
  2. Delivery of cash against cheques received at the counter or through fax Maximum Limit Rs. 25 lakh.
  3. Pick up/delivery of instruments (like cheques, drafts/pay orders, dividend warrants etc. for clearing)

For Individuals:

  1. Pick up and delivery of cash upto Rs 10 lakh each.
  2. Pick up/delivery of instruments - decided basis customer relationship with the bank

For further details of the service and charges, please contact your nearest CSB branch.