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Foreign Currency Cheques / Demand Drafts

Send/ Deposit a foreign currency cheque or draft for credit to your CSB account at any of our branches in India. CSB will send the cheque overseas for clearing and credit your account.

How it works?

You can deposit personal cheques drawn on a bank abroad in foreign currency and credit the same to your account with a branch in India. The cheques are sent to the respective countries for payment and on collection of funds, the amount is deposited in your account. Collection period varies depending on the country, local clearing regulations and location of the bank on which the cheque is drawn. Collection charges are recovered as applicable from time to time. Cheques can be deposited at the branch through messenger or sent to the branch by post / courier. If the cheque amount is in foreign currency and the credit has to be offered in Indian rupees, the currency conversion rate prevailing on the date of conversion will be applicable.